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Who We Are.

Car Freight Australia is a reputable and reliable car freight company operating exclusively in Western Australia.

We specialise in transporting mine-spec vehicles, catering to the unique needs of the mining industry in the region. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality service, we have become a trusted partner for companies in them mining sector.

Why use Car
Freight Australia?

Customised <br>Solutions


Specialisation in <br>Mine-Spec Vehicles

Specialisation in
Mine-Spec Vehicles

Regional <br>Expertise


Safety <br>First


Certified <br>and Compliant

and Compliant

Reliable <br>Service


Our Capability.

With a wealth of expertise in the transportation of mine-spec vehicles, which range from heavy-duty trucks to 4x4s and specialised equipment, we guarantee the secure and dependable delivery of these vehicles to even the most distant mining sites. Car Freight Australia is renowned for its unwavering reliability. Our clients have confidence in our ability to deliver their precious mine-spec vehicles promptly, minimising operational disruptions and ensuring seamless operations.

We provide customised transportation solutions, employing specialised trailers and equipment designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes and configurations. Our adaptability enables us to cater to the unique requirements of each individual client.